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So many of you have been at demonstrations classes/courses where I have had my wonderful horse Forte' (aka Jamboree V). I had a friend/client who enjoyed seeing me play with my two other Arabian Horses and thought my "Forte'" was with the Arabians. Hence Forte

Forte' was 18 months old when 3 women, in a truck, hauling an empty trailerto Arroyo Grande Ca, came back home with this funny young Varian Arabian.

Forte and I made one of those bonds very quickly. He developed into a horse that was always willing to do what I asked of him. He especially loved the liberty play. We played  all." I'd roll the ball out and his job was to get that rolling thing back to me where he would often get a cookie!! He learned the Spanish walk with enthusiasm. Forte' had this exceptional way of expressing that he wanted a cookie… the"Cookie Face", where he would turn his head sideways and open his lips, never to bite. He also had the "Scratch Me" face where he'd roll his eyesback and extend his nose out. Always a clown. An exceptional horse andpartner.

This horse helped to put me on the "Map". He traveled all over the western United States with me starting at the ripe age of 3. 

We moved into competition. The Western Dressage arena. It had been many years since I had competed in the show ring. What I had learned over the years was that it was between me and my horse that made us winners. I always put my relationship before any ribbon (yes we had a few blues). I loved theses times.

Oct 15, 2015 - Forte' was showing signs of colic which he had only shown a couple of times in his life with me. This was going badly. My phone was loosing battery and the vet's weren't answering as my beloved Forte was going down. God Shots started to occur. A vet truck pulled into the ranch - "GO STOP THAT VET!!!" and he did! Next we were off to UC Davis because a friend happen to pull up and said she could drive us to Davis. (Of course my trailer is on a sale lot in Petaluma.)

On the way I was on the phone. You really know your support in a time of need. I was told to do what was needed and don't make any decision based on finances. Laurie Dearinger immediately set up an account through "Go FundMe". 

There was a sense of support and relief. I hadn't ever gone through this in the 30 yrs I've been with the horses. It is hard to imagine if you havent had to go through this. Forte' survived the surgery but he started to decline in the ICU. The choice was made to put him down when he went into seizures.  I hope all who read this never has to go through the loss and stress of this.  

I will always have this special little horse in my heart. 

We will meet again.


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I consider myself a student of the horse. I have had the opportunity to learn from so many horseman and women over the past years. I specialize in helping you build a bond with your horse(s) that can transfer outside the barn. This bond is built by simply understanding the horse’s point of view or walking in their horse shoes.

 I have ridden, observed and worked along side numerous natural horseman, reaffirming the importance of a solid foundation in building blocks and confidence in the horse and human.

I also have a background in: Police Service Horse Training, Young Horse Development, Problem Horses, Western Dressage, Reining and Garrocha.

Through the years I have gathered experience and stories of those experiences which allow me to help you form a solid foundation of communication in any specialty you may be dreaming of. If you are having any questions about where you are now with your horse, maybe I can help.

I offer numerous formats in courses at different locations, as well as Santa Rosa, California, you may find fun. Please click on my up coming courses. At my barn, Santa Rosa Horse Co, I’m proud to bring in and host selected horseman covering some specialties as well as my own.

Thank you for visiting my website. I hope you find it interesting and the photos inspirational.

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